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The art of jewelry design is inspired by many emotions: the desire for beauty, the need for recognition, the wish to impress or demonstrate commitment. In general jewelry makers dream to express respect, loyalty or memory. Not so long time ago craftsmen created spiritual and religious symbols to reflect faith. They developed jewelry as symbols of matrimony and fidelity for life, as well as jewelry symbols that embody devotion to a family or organization. Jewelry was created to perpetuate the memory of the loss of loved ones and, of course, as a symbol of pure beauty. Jewellery designs start with these sketch process.Before an article of jewellery is created, design concepts are rendered followed by detailed technical drawings generated by a jewellery designer, a professional who is trained in the architectural and functional knowledge of materials, fabrication techniques, composition, wearability and market trends. Here are a few latest jewellery designs sketches. Check out!! 

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