Diy wire pearl bracelet

Stress and anxiety don't have to be the only things you feel while social distancing. If quarantine boredom is starting to set in, try some of these easy do-it-yourself projects. You may already have these supplies lying around your home. Let's spend this hard time with some fun!!

Wire jewelry is about putting different components together in a beautiful way. You can make a simple but elegant necklace, bracelet, or anklets just by putting some beads on some wire and attaching them to some chain. It’s particularly love it for making dainty jewelry. So today we bring here easy DIY jewelry ideas that offer crafty fashionistas ways to make their own designer-inspired accessories.

Diy Wire pearl bracelet!!

  • Required materials :
  • ‌Pearl strands small and large.
  • ‌Glass pearl beads (6mm)
  • ‌Nose pliers and side cutter pliers
  • ‌Memory wire bracelets
  • ‌Silver beads (4mm)

Steps to make a DIY wire pearl bracelet :

  • ‌ Step 1: Measure the wire around your wrist and cut it accordingly with wire cutters or pliers. Use round nose pliers to bend the end of your memory wire.  Make a large loop out of the end of the memory wire. 

  • ‌Step 2: Start to thread on beads and pearls, using silver beads as spacers. Continue to add on beads using the pattern you like.

  • ‌Step 3: Repeat the pattern till you have filled your wire.

  • ‌Step 4: Leave quite a bit of space between the last bead and where you start to bend the wire.  Bend the wire at the largest part of the round nose pliers to create the loop similar to the loop at the beginning of the wire.

  • ‌Step 5: Use your side cutter pliers to cut the wire as close to the loop as possible.Now your bracelet is ready to wear. 

This is a simple bracelet made easly and stylish which can be worn on offical wear, party wear or casual or any outfit. Try out this simple diy jewellery!!
Here are a few designs for wire pearl bracelets. Check out!! 

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