Gold and Diamond bangles

Bangles are girls best friends. Especially diamond and gold bangles are considered the best choice for any occasion. Be content to be what you are, shiny diamonds and gold bangles only make you look what you are. Check out these pretty bangles in all shapes and sizes and hang them in your mind!
Diamond stones enriched gold line bangles

Curvy Diamond stones lined with gold bangle design

Flower and heart shape designer gold diamond bangles
  P.C: Papilior 

                                                Gold bangles embellished with diamonds 
                                                        Diamond flowers gold bangles
                                                                     P.C: Papilior 

                                                Curvy gold and diamond strings bangles
                                                                       P.C: Papilior 

                                                   Gold and diamond flowers bangle
                                                                           P.C: Papilior 

                                            Designer gold embellished diamond bangles
                                                                       P.C: Papilior 
Match up these cute bangles with your silk sarees, prom frocks, wedding long gowns and the traditional salwar and Anarkali and make a fashion statement.
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