Multani mitti for face

Multani mitti, also known as Fuller’s Earth, is a clay-like substance that has been used in India for centuries to improve skin health. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using multani mitti on your face and skin care routine. 

What Is Multani Mitti? 

Multani mitti is an ancient beauty remedy made from naturally occurring minerals found in soil deposits across India. It contains magnesium chloride, which helps to absorb excess oil from the skin while still maintaining its natural moisture balance. The clay also acts as a mild exfoliant by removing dead cells from the surface of the skin without causing irritation or damage. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Multani Mitti On Your Face And Skin Care Routine? 

Glow: Applying multani mitti regularly can help give you glowing and healthy looking skin due to its ability to draw out impurities such as dirt and toxins from deep within your pores. This leaves your complexion feeling refreshed with improved clarity and brightness over time. 

Acne Reduction: By absorbing excess oils on the surface of your skin, multani mitti can help reduce acne breakouts caused by clogged pores. Additionally, it has anti-bacterial properties that can fight off bacteria responsible for causing pimples or blackheads before they have a chance to form on your face. 

Fading Marks: If you suffer from dark spots or other discoloration marks left behind after acne breakouts then applying multani mitti may be able to lighten these areas over time due to its bleaching effects when applied topically onto affected areas twice daily for several weeks at least until desired results are achieved gradually but surely . 


In conclusion, there are many benefits associated with incorporating multani mitt into one's skincare routine including glow enhancement , reduction in acne outbreaks , fading away existing marks etc . Therefore if you're looking for something natural yet effective enought o keep up with all those expensive chemical based products available today then definitely consider giving this traditional Indian remedy a try !

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