Palazzo sets

One piece of fashion clothing that is addictive and you can never get enough of. Everywhere you look, palazzo pants are making a comeback. One of the trendiest summer clothes this season are the palazzo pants. These are extremely wide-cut pants that flare out from the waist and in appearance are mid-way between a skirt and pants. Made of light and comfortable fabrics, the palazzo pant is an essential summer time pant designed to be roomy and airy. The elegance and timeless charm palazzos exude have got everyone spellbound to such an extent that this 70s style is paving a comeback into mainstream fashion. Owing to its grandeur, these flared skirt style pants are fast becoming the ultimate choice since they can be paired with almost anything - from western wear to Indian wear to fusion wear. They are quite versatile and can be paired with different kinds of summery tops, from long tunics to short tops.You see them on the street, at a party, at the beach, in the office and even at weddings. Here are a few designs for palazzo pants with tops. check out!!

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