Chudidhar dress

Churidar is a common dress of Indian and Pakistani women today. It is a variant of the common salwar pant, so women of South Asia are frequently found wearing churidars with tunics or kurtas. It is also common attire for men these days. It gives a traditional look to the wearer besides being comfortable. Churidar is designed to be tightly fitted from the knee down and looser from knee up. The churidar looks like leggings. On the other hand, Salwar is considered to be a loose pajama-like dress. Unlike other dresses Churidars are the most preferred attire among Indian women. The comfort and elegance it offers can never be over took. Churidars are available in almost all the popular fabrics, one can choose it in accordance to their comfort and need. Here are a few designs for chudidhar. Check out!! 

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