Cz bangles

Cubic Zirconia was created as an alternative to the more expensive and rare stone - the diamond. From being a diamond dominated jewellery market, the market has become CZ dominated. But only few online stores retail well-designed CZ fashion jewellery sets. Interestingly, the CZ stone which was originally created in a lab has the same radiance and magnificence as a diamond. Given its clear dimensions, flawless light projecting attributes, and multi-coloured manifestations, CZ's popularity is at its peak. And it's not going to recede for any reason – in fact, CZ is preferred over diamonds by even traditionally diamond loyalists! Being a versatile stone, CZ blends into any type of jewelry which includes CZ jewellery, traditional ethnic jewellery, modern designer jewelry and international fusion jewelry. It's different colors is a plus too, because as much as pure white-light projecting stones, people like stones that portray pink and purple colors too.

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