Face serum uses

Face serums

Face serums are lighter than facial oils. serums are clear, gel-based or liquid, and they tend to be less thick than a moisturizer. They deeply penetrate into the skin with their light weight texture and smaller molecular structure. Serums deposit active ingredients like peptides, antioxidant rich vitamins or glycolic acids in the deeper layers of skin for more targeted results. Serums helps in preventing hyper pigmentationpigmentation,  acne and helps in anti aging of the skin. So they target specific skin concern.

What are the reasons to use a face serum?

There are a few benifits of using a serum. They are used for different reasons. Here are a few reasons for using face serums.
1. Anti- aging
2. Hydration for dry skin.
3. Prevent acne and pigmentation.
4. Brightening dull skin.
5. Reducinh dark spots.
6. To exfoliate skin.

What are benifits of a face serum.

While serums are no doubt nourishing and weed out many skin problems at the root, they also come with visible benefits. Here are a few beifits of face serums.
1.Absorbs quickly into your skin.
2.Soothes sensitive skin. 
3.Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
4.Protects your skin from free radicals and future damage.
5.Has the potential to provide more visible results. 
6.Feels light on your skin.

What are the ingredients in serums?

Ingredients in serums range from the ordinary to the exotic, depending on what you're going for. Here are a few common ones to watch out for.
1. Vitamin c : To build collagen and boost skin immunity
2. Hyaluronic acids, Ceramides and amino acids : Hydrating skin, make sure that it doesn't lose any of its natural moisture, remaining replenished. 
3. Antioxidants : For repairing damaged skin.
4. Retinols : For acne prone skin, wrinkles and fine lines.
5. Anti-Inflammatory : For preventing redness, breakouts and inflammation in sensitive skin.

What is the difference between face serum and facial oils?

Face serums and facial oils each have their own advantages and can be used separately or layered to work together.
Serums are typically water-based formulas that are highly potent in nature. Designed to target specific skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dullness or spots, serums are infused with vitamins, antioxidants and other skin-nourishing ingredients that penetrate the skin deeply.
As the name suggests, facial oils are rich and emollient in texture. These oils are extracted from fruit, seeds and nuts, and they’re great for your skin in more ways than one. Apart from being deeply nourishing and restorative, facial oils can provide your skin with a mega dose of hydration.

How to choose a correct face serum?

Before choosing a face serum consider this,

1.Skin type - Be aware of your skin type and the ingredients that go into your face serum. You do not want ingredients that dry up your skin if your skin type is already dry.

2. Skin issue - What are you trying to address with a face serum? Is it the fine lines around your mouth or the dark spots that are a result of sun exposure?

When to apply a serum?

serums should be the first products that touch your skin after cleansing and exfoliating in order to get the best results. Never apply them after your moisturizer as thicker creams and oils create a protective layer over your skin and hinder absorption. They can be mixed with some while one should be careful before using different serums together. Some experts would argue that your skin can effectively absorb the products you apply whether or not you wait, but it still pays to be thorough. Waiting a minute or two will not only ensure that your serums have fully seeped into your skin, it also prevents pilling when you apply your moisturizer or sunscreen.

Investing early in the health of your skin, with regular skin care, will not only better protect it from the harsh effects of winter, but also keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the year. The key to skin resiliency is knowing your skin and treating it well. Try to understand your skin needs and try to insert a good and best required serum into your skin care routine to pamper your skin every day for a healthy and happy looking skin!!

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