Cloth masks designs

Fashion has a way of taking our core wardrobe essentials and turning them into statement pieces. Consider the trusty trench coat: originally created to shield soldiers from the elements but, over time, turned into one of the most distinctive utility apparel items a person could own. Who knew at the beginning of this pandemic that a protective gear could become one of the most sought-after fashion accessories for everyone to flaunt? Facemask is the most inimitable protection to stay safe from Covid-19 and the target has not only been to provide just any cotton facemask but the most dynamic facemask designs that can-do justice to your style and mood. So for the foreseeable future, we’ll be wearing masks to the grocery store, on walks and runs, and maybe even after the crisis abates. Given the prevalence of mask selfies, it’s likely that masks will start to become fashion items, rather than merely functional. Here are a few cloth masks designs. Check out!! 

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