Convert Silk saree into lehengas

Saree is a very versatile piece of garment, not only is it the very first piece in history used for draping over the body as apparels it also has various ways to wear and or drape it into a different look to create a garment. There are a lot of ways to revamp your mother's old saree into a fresh new stylish outfit and rock it. Some of those timeless pieces in your mother's wardrobe will make you keen to repurpose some of them into a beautiful dress such as lehengas. The sheen and richness of silk never fades away. A silk saree can be beautifully transformed into a silk lehenga. You can either use the pallu of the saree as the dupatta and a make new skirt and blouse or use the entire saree as the skirt and the pallu as its blouse and team it with a new dupatta. Here are a few designs of silk sarees transformed into lehengas!! 

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