Navaratna jewellery designs

The Navratnas or the Nine gems are combinations of nine semiprecious gems that according to Indian Astrology have a profound impact on human life. These nine gems are linked to the nine planets or Navgrahas. The combination of these nine gems is said to be not only powerful and auspicious in not just Hinduison but also Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism religions. It’s revered in concept in other countries too like Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Navaratri jewellery consists of :

  • Ruby for Surya 
  • Pearl for Chandra 
  • Red Coral for Mangala 
  • Emerald for Budha 
  • Yellow sapphire for Bṛhaspati 
  • Diamond for Shukra 
  • Blue sapphire for Shani 
  • Hessonite for Rahu 
  • Cat’s Eye for Ketu 

Each of these gems is assigned a certain celestial significance and such a type of jewelry has been popular since ancient times due to the supernatural prowess ascribed to the constituent nine gems.

According to Vedic scriptures, the gems are mentioned as one of the six pathways to later the negative karmic life map and fill an individual’s like with happiness. The science of gemology and characteristics of gemstones have been discussed in detail in the Garuda Purana and Agni Purana. The Brihat Samhita has also discussed the healing properties of the various gems. Being cosmically potent, the nine gems can have both positive and negative effects on the wearer. That is why it is said that Navaratna jewelry should be worn by a person only after consulting a learned Vedic astrologer. Otherwise the wearer may inadvertently invite misfortune into his life by wearing the wrong combination of gemstones

Navaratna jewelry has been popular throughout Asia from the past several centuries. Valued as much for their cosmic potency as for their materialistic worth, Navaratna jewelry is a significant part of Indian religious and astrological traditions. With a revival in the interest in astrology as a scientific field in recent times, the demand for Navaratna jewelry is sure to surge in the coming years!

Here are a few designs for navaratna jewellery!! 

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