Arabic pearl necklace designs

In the Arab world, jewelry is considered as a status of wealth. There are two main ideas behind the symbolic status of jewelry. First, Arab jewelry in early history highlighted economic social status. It’s considered as a symbol of beauty and power. People who came from higher echelons of society showed it through their gems. Mostly, this group came from families of royalty and power.
Another identification of wealth through jewelry came in use of the monetary exchange.  Women in the Arab world traditional societies are considered as caretakers for their children. Their husbands are the earners of money. If their husbands died, then women can use their jewelry to provide for their children
Today, Arab jewelry continues to make a statement in different trends, whether they are fashionable or cultural statements. Now, it is simplistic in structure. It’s not necessarily the big chunks of beading for bracelets and necklaces. Jewelry designers take in icons and bits of representation from the Arab world. The influences remained the same from ancient times. The only difference is the structure of jewelry; it’s more basic than during the time of civilization. The concept of attention to detail is still there from handcraft jewelry.
Here are a few designs for Arabic pearl necklace. Check out!!

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