Eduvarala nagalu ( Seven weeks jewellery)

 Edu varala nagalu

In the old time the rulers wore jewellery according to days of the week so as to pull in energy according to planetary impacts, to keep away from negative impacts and to be healthy, sound and well off.

Edu Vaarala Nagalu implies the jewellery worn by men and women for every day of the week. Edu implies seven. Vaaralu implies days - like Sunday Monday and so forth and Nagalu implies Jewellery. This was an old convention is still trailed by scarcely any individuals.

Let's see what comprcomprises of these yeduvarala nagalu!! 

Sunday : This is the day of the sun (Planet Surya), Ear rings and necklaces made of Ruby are worn on this day. The lustrous Ruby is closely linked to planet Sun. You must strive to get back your vitality, passion, willpower, independence and leadership qualities via this gemstone.

Monday : This is the day of the moon (Planet Chandra), Pearl necklaces and Pearl bangles will be worn on this day. The shining Pearl is linked to planet Moon. You have always been a moody, isolated and anxious person. Let this gemstone help you become mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically fit and fine.

Tuesday : This is the day of  Mars (Kujuda planet) , Necklaces and Rings made of Red coral gems are worn on this day. The splendid Red Coral is meant for handling the adverse circumstances caused by the intrusion of planet Mars into your life. Go all out to rediscover your lost courage, energetic nature and balance.

Wednesday: The day of Mercury (Budha planet), Necklaces made of green emerald coins / Pendants and green emerald bangles are worn on this day. Emerald is the only gemstone that can strengthen a weak planet Mercury in your natal chart. Request it for help, in order to improve your memory, intellect, communication skills and behavior.

Thursday: The day of Jupiter (Planet Brihaspati), Ear rings and Rings made of Yellow Sapphire are worn on this day. The bewitching Yellow Sapphire is the stone of planet Jupiter or Dev Guru. He will agree to restore your self-esteem, intelligence, motivation and joy, thereby paving the path for financial stability and a purpose-filled life.

Friday: The day of Venus (Planet Sukra), Necklaces and Nose rings made out of Diamonds are worn on this day. The Diamond will make you as graceful, charming, polished and refined as itself. 

Saturday: The day of Saturn (Planet Shani), Necklaces, ear rings, nose rings made of Blue Sapphire Gems are worn on this day. The gemstone will help to restore your self-esteem, motivation, financial stability, serenity and patience.

All the ornaments above together are known as Seven Week ornaments. Not only necklaces, earrings, nose rings, you mightwear any kind of design that you like made ofthat day's gem or stone sort. The ornamentscan be made from Gold / Silver or some other metal. The perfect celebration for her is awoman who has all these ornaments and is willing to wear them and flaunt them up.

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