LARGEST COLLECTION OF BANGLES!! (more than 50 designs)

Bangle are conventional Asian adornments as a rule utilised by Asian ladies. It is broadly utilised in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In these nations, it is the portion of ladies wrists. A bangle is one of the foremost imperative decorations that a lady wears. For hitched ladies, bangles hold a uncommon meaning as they are a sign of their suhaag. They were made that time of stones, woods, gold and seashells. Presently there plan and shape has been changed a small. These days they are for the most part made of glass.However, gold and silver bangle are too accessible, which are uncommonly utilised for work and marriage programs. Pearls and jewels are moreover conjunct on a few gold and silver bangle. It is the portion of bride adornments.

Bangles have always been an integral part of Indian culture. The tradition of Indian women wearing bangles started in ancient times. However to this day, the custom continues. Women in India wear bangles to enhance their beauty and grace.

Besides enhancing the beauty, it is one of the many symbols that mark a married Indian woman, the others being sindoor, toe ring, mangalsutra, etc. However, with the woman no longer being confined to home after marriage, the age-old tradition of wearing wedding symbols daily has taken a backseat and these are now reserved for special days only. For daily wear, women now wear kadas or a single thick bracelet with trendier, geometric designs nudging into the market of traditional designs.
However, tradition still plays a significant role during an Indian wedding, you will see the brides wearing bangles on their wedding day and for some months after it as they flaunt their status as a newly-married bride. Traditionally, a part of the solah shringar for Indian brides, bangles made of glass, gold or other metals is meant to signify good fortune and prosperity.

There are different kinds of bangles made of gold, diamond, pearls, silver, glass, metal, silk thread, kundan, rose gold, CZ bangles etc.., Here are a few designs for some of these bangles. Check out!!

Gold bangles :
Gold bangles are essential to women's fashion, one slim band will create an elegant and feminine look while bold and chunky designs achieve the contemporary style. This beautiful set of golden multicolor bangles are perfect to be worn with simpler styles to give an impact. Ideal for wearing during the day or for an evening event.

Diamond bangles :
Diamond bangles have adorned and ornamented women’s dainty wrists since forever. Diamond bangles are a symbol of status, prosperity and wealth. Wrists are the most visible part on an individual, because we use hand gestures in plenty; they are also symbolic of strength and gallantry. Wrists can be decorated with jewels when they help establish the human connect on a formal dinner or a romantic walk. If there is an occasion that you have, then we have the perfect designer diamond bangle to match with it. You could also make pairs of your diamond bangles with gold bangles or gold bracelets for added effect. Although a fusion collection, our designs are meant to create fashion sensations and tantalize onlookers.

Silver bangles :
Women love to buy and wear silver Jewelry as it adds grace and class to her look. An elegant silver Jewelry piece can enhance your style quotient and make you look pretty. Silver Jewelry is best fit for any occasion and you can team it with any attire. Nowadays silver jewelry for women is available in various design and style. Unique sterling silver jewelry is in great demand as it comes with eye catching designs that steal the heart of onlookers. Designer silver jewelry makes you look elegant and enhance your overall appearance.  

Glass bangles :
Glass bangles are mostly preferred by the women’s especially when it comes to a new bride these bangles becomes a must have accessory.Glass bangles are most widely used by the woman because of its sober and classy looks. You can find a wide variety of colors and styles of the plain glass bangles. And the best thing about this type of bangles is that you can match them with the color of your clothes and can make your own style statement.

Metal bangles :
Jewellery, particularly the bangles, have a lot of importance in Indian culture. Bangles, also called the Chudiyan, are symbols of prosperity and good luck to a woman who wears them. Putting aside customs and beliefs, wearing metal bangles is a super-hot trend in the present times. They are a perfect mix of tradition and affordable fashion, making them too good to resist. From gold to oxidized silver, copper to white metal, every metal counts in the fashion world! If you are already a bangle lover and wish to add some more gorgeous pieces, you are at the right place.

Silk thread :
Silk thread jewellery is the latest and most trending designs these days. The unique designs and vibrant colors of the threads make these jewellery sets look more attractive. And here are new silk thread bangle designs. Make a unique style statement with these intricately designed silk thread bangles that will effortlessly enhance your ethnic ensemble. 

Kundan bangles :
Kundan Bangles are an example of fine craftsmanship and beautiful jewellery designing. These bangles come in different varieties ranging from simple monotone gold bands with steel gray diamonds to thick gold kadas with beautiful red and green diamonds.Colorful kundan bangles are a more popular choice across the Gujarat-Rajasthan belt.

Rose gold bangles :
Rose gold is one among the three most popular gold tones used in jewellery, the other two being Yellow Gold & White Gold. Rose gold has a soft pink hue and is therefore called Pink Gold. Vintage. Classic. Feminine. Love. iPhone. These are I am sure the first words that come to anybody’s mind when you say “rose gold”. There is a strong vintage feel about rose gold.

CZ bangles :
Cubic Zirconia was created as an alternative to the more expensive and rare stone - the diamond. From being a diamond dominated jewellery market, the market has become CZ dominated. But only few online stores retail well-designed CZ fashion jewellery sets. Interestingly, the CZ stone which was originally created in a lab has the same radiance and magnificence as a diamond. Given its clear dimensions, flawless light projecting attributes, and multi-coloured manifestations, CZ's popularity is at its peak. And it's not going to recede for any reason – in fact, CZ is preferred over diamonds by even traditionally diamond loyalists! Being a versatile stone, CZ blends into any type of jewelry which includes CZ jewellery, traditional ethnic jewellery, modern designer jewelry and international fusion jewelry. It's different colors is a plus too, because as much as pure white-light projecting stones, people like stones that portray pink and purple colors too.

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