Jewellery cleaning tips

Jewellery cleaning tips

From your everyday jewelry to unique pieces you only where on special occasions, chances are, all of your jewelry could use a good polish. Lotion, soaps, and everyday dust and dirt are just a few things that can clog jewelry settings and make stones, chains and pearls appear dull and lifeless. And it’s usually not until you're getting ready for a night out on the town that you notice your rings, necklaces and bracelets need some attention. Learn how to clean jewelry and give shine back to your dirty gems with these clever hacks. 

Golden jewellery

Clean your gold jewelry with dishwashing detergent : Pour a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent in a bowl of warm water. Mix gently. For even better results, you can use sodium-free soda or sparkling water. Soak the gold jewelry into this solution for 15 minutes. Rub each piece of jewelry with a soft toothbrush then rinse them with warm water. Wipe them with a soft cloth.
With toothpaste
Use an old toothbrush to clean stains on jewelry with toothpaste. Rub the jewelry piece gently. Also, you can apply toothpaste on a cloth to polish golden jewelry. Rinse with clean water.
Boil them in water
If you have to remove oil, grease and wax from gold jewelry, boil them in water. As long as the piece is immersed in water nothing can happen to it and oil, grease and wax will float on the surface.

Silver jewellery

Silver jewelry adds style and class to our lives. You can wear silver for both casual and formal occasions, and there’s sure to be a silver piece for all budgets. Silver can get tarnished and dirty, though, and if you don’t know how to clean silver jewelry, trying to restore your pieces can be frustrating and time-consuming.
Dish Soap : Dish soap works on a lot more than your dishes and silverware. The same properties that make dish soap so effective at cleaning your eating and cooking surfaces make it perfect for cleaning other areas, too. You can use dish soap to wash clothes or get rid of wasps, and it makes a fantastic homemade silver jewelry cleaner, also. Use dish soap for daily jewelry cleanings.
Vinegar : Vinegar is one of the great unsung heroes in your pantry. Thanks to the acetic acid it contains, vinegar is the go-to product to preserve vegetables. You can also use vinegar to clean coins and degrease refrigerator coils, and it does a bang-up job as a homemade silver polish.
Toothpaste : Like vinegar and, toothpaste has a long history as a cleaning product. Thanks to toothpaste’s combination of chemical and abrasive cleaners, you can use it to clean tile and grout stains, remove discolorations from brass, and get rid of dirt and tarnish from silver jewelry.

Diamond jewellery

Even though a diamond is the hardest mineral, the mere touch of a human finger is enough to make it lose its sparkle. This tough, yet delicate stone is a natural magnet for grease. When a diamond is handled, the oils from your skin can adhere to its surface and affect its brilliance and fire. Since your diamond jewelry can get dirty just from everyday wear, it is important to know how to safely clean and care for your precious stones and the metal in the setting.
Your diamond jewelry items are most likely your most expensive pieces, and probably your most sentimental. Keep rings, earrings, and other diamond jewelry sparkling for years by soaking them in your own solution of gentle dish soap and very warm water. Let the jewelry soak for 20-40 minutes, then use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt. Pay special attention to the back of the diamond where most of the dirt and oil collects.
Avoid applying thick lotions while wearing any rings as it can make your ring feel and look dirty.Stay up to date on your maintenance appointments if your ring has a warranty. This can help keep you from accidentally losing any stones.Remove rings while cooking as food and oils can get stuck in the setting or even discolor the stone. And, food particles can harbor bacteria.

Costume jewellery

The most significant issues we run across with our beloved costume pieces is tarnishing, and how to restore fake gold jewelry to the vibrant luster it once had. Some solutions are as simple as cleaning tarnished jewelry with dish soap and hot water. Starting with a dry clean should be your first course of action to remove any oily residues and moisture.If your jewelry requires a deeper clean, use a soft bristle toothbrush to reach in between tiny cracks and creases. You may also use a toothpick to dig out dirt particles or even a little shot of compressed air to blow away stuck on flakes.For tough water stains or tarnishing, add a dab of dish soap or dishwashing liquid. Smooth the soap over the jewelry with your fingertips, then rinse using a damp cloth. Afterward, dry the jewelry piece thoroughly and buff with a microfiber cloth to restore shine.

Pearl jewellery

A strand of pearls, whether in a necklace or bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings, is a beautiful investment that can be passed down as a precious family heirloom.  Never put your pearls in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaneras you might with other precious stones, as it's a sure way to damage the outer layer of the pearl. Before any cleaning, double-check that the jewelry is still in good condition. With necklaces and bracelets, take a close look at the silk strand on which the pearls are threaded, ensuring that it hasn't stretched, and make sure the clasp opens and closes properly. Mix a solution of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild detergent or dish soap. Water that is too hot or too cold may damage the surface of the pearls, so double-check the temperature before using it on the jewelry. Dip a soft, clean cloth into the water and gently wipe down the pearls. Don't put the whole necklace into the water, as it could weaken the thread. Dampen another soft, clean cloth with fresh water. Wipe off the pearls to remove any soap residue. Place the pearls on a soft towel and let them air-dry thoroughly before returning the jewelry to storage. This helps preserves the elasticity of the silk thread on which the pearls are strung.

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