Jewellery trends 2020

Jewellery trends 2020

What is the purpose of accessories if not to decorate our outsides with little hints about who we are on the inside? Jewelry has the power to say a lot about its wearer, like what their belief system is, their marriage status, if they're vying for a bit of good luck, and so much more. It also offers a peek at each person's unique taste, functioning as accent pieces to an overall ensemble that speaks to the colors and details at the foundation of personal style.

Every time we need to perk up our outfits, jewelry comes to the rescue. With the right chunky necklace or pair of sparkly statement earrings, your blazer/dress/sweater looks even more stylish. The right accessory puts the cherry on top of any look. They're details that garner you all of the compliments. 

While fashion jewellery might not follow seasonal runway trends in the same way as ready-to-wear clothes, there’s no doubt on-trend looks and styling ideas do define the times. Designers started showing 2020 jewelry trends back in the fall of 2019, during the spring/summer runway shows for this year. Designers got playful with colorful gems, oversized statement pieces, and standalone earrings etc...,

Here are a few latest jewellery trends for this 2020. Go ahead and check them all!!

Multicolor beads jewellery :

Beads have always been associated with elegance, class and exclusivity. From royals to high society divas, celebrities to actresses, bead jewelry has adorned the necks, wrists and ears of fashionable women across the world for many years. In India, beads have become an extremely popular substitute for precious jewels in various traditional jewelry pieces.

Single earring :
Earrings are going solo this season. The single earring look dominated Spring 2020 runways from Prabal Gurung to Tibi and Marc Jacobs. The key to achieving this look? Go for an earring that's statement-making enough to stand on its own.

Statement chockers :

Statement necklaces have been a big trend for many seasons and their reign isn’t over yet. The right statement necklace can transform any outfit. It can dress up your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and it can take your go to little black dress from day to night. There is nothing a statement necklace can’t fix. It is quite literally the perfect accessory.

Oversized earrings :

There is something addictive about oversized statement earrings. Owing to the fact that these instantly add jazz to any outfit yes, even the BORING ones is why we can never get enough of these.Your go-to pick and one stop solution to glamorise an outfit-instantly. Oversized earrings come in various shapes and forms.There is one for every type!

Big hoops :

Hoop earrings never really left, but get ready to see them multiply in size next season. Proenza sent a crop of power hoops down its runway—thick, gold, and double-hooped for extra measure, while designers like Oscar de la Renta explored the oversized look using different materials.

Silver jewellery : 

Are you on the hunt for silver jewelry? Silver is a wonderful choice when it comes to selecting fine jewelry because it has stood the test of time and will continue to hold its value and popularity. While silver makes a beautiful and an attractive material not only for designers but also for jewellers, silver can provide timeless designs that work well with any outfit.

Asymmetrical earrings :

The mismatching trend of the asymmetrical earrings have been gaining popularity lately. Furthermore, in this blog post you can learn about different style tips on how to wear asymmetrical earrings and maybe you can find inspiration and your own ways on how you would like to wear and style them.Also, if you are one of those people that loses an earring from time to time, now you don’t need to consider it as a huge problem because you can rock a single earring with no effort.Usually people like to either keep only one earring hanging off their ear or buy an asymmetrical pair of earrings and rock the style.

Gold plated jewellery :

Gold plated jewellery (sometimes called ‘gold plaque’) contain the least amount of gold. Gold plate is created by applying a thin layer of gold (usually between 0.175 microns and 2.5 microns thick) over a base metal using electrical or chemical deposition. Flash plated or gilt refers to very thin and often badly wearing gold plated finishes which are usually less than 0.175 microns thick.Of all the alternatives to solid gold, gold plated jewellery usually contains the least amount of gold. As such it will wear more quickly, especially if flash plated.

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