Gemstone jewellery series!!

Gemstone jewellery designs

Coloured gems have been ruling our hearts since time immemorial and this love has never faded. From occasions, to special events, to gifts, to exclusive pieces or astro pieces, gemstone jewellery has been an integral part of our lives since forever. Gemstone jewellery is either worn for astrological reasons or ornamental purposes. Not only that, gems have ruled the roost for our ancestors too - you would find one or the other famous celebrities from yesteryears or a King or a Queen who was known for the gem they wore all their lives. In a way, they endorsed that gem, giving goals for fashionistas to follow.

Gemstones have been around for centuries, and gemstone jewelry has been a popular choice for decades. Celebrated for their colorful tones, gemstone jewelry pieces including gemstone rings, gemstone necklaces, gemstone earring. Gemstone jewelry pieces are often worn by themselves or complementing diamonds to create stunning and eye-catching fashion jewelry for women and men.
There are more than a dozen gemstones for jewellery. Let's check few of them today!!

“Emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is well known for displaying one of the most remarkable color changes in the gem world — green in sunlight and red in incandescent light. However, the modern June birthstone is so rare and expensive few people have seen a natural alexandrite. This variety of gem-quality chrysoberyl makes an excellent jewelry stone (if you can acquire one).

Is purple your color? If so, you'll love amethyst jewelry from Jared. Amethyst is not only a sight to behold, but also the color of royalty and a traditional symbol of peace, tranquility and protection. Amethyst is the birthstone for February which makes amethyst jewelry a special gift for those who were born in this month.Beautiful jewelry options include amethyst rings, amethyst earrings and amethyst necklaces. This jewelry is available in shades of purple ranging from light lavender to a deep, dark and royal purple.

The perfectly named “aquamarine” is derived from two Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” It is  the birthstone for March and it is also the gemstone for the 19th Wedding Anniversary.Aquamarine comes in a wide range of natural blue colours and shades from blue to blue-green to sea-green. A very historical stone~ Roman bridegrooms gave the aquamarine as a wedding gift to their brides believing that the stone absorbed the atmosphere of young love. 

For a sunny splash of glamour, citrine jewelry comes to the rescue. From Brazil, and Madagascar, to Spain, the USA (south and west) and to Russia, our citrine jewelry buyers bring you luscious lemon, warm golden honey, and shimmering champagne tones that define citrine color.The most affordable of all the earth-toned gemstones, citrine is named for the French word citron, meaning "lemon." Life is great when it gives you a lemony citrine geode! Citrine is the November birthstone and the gemstone to give for the 13th wedding anniversary. And citrine jewelry is a fabulous fun choice for any dress-up or gift-giving occasion.

There is something about the relationship between diamonds and women - they are eternally inseparable. Women are known to be obsessed with diamonds, bling and anything & everything fashionable and fantastic. Styles of women’s diamond jewellery scales on the fashion gauge from delicate to exquisite; from subtle to bold; from showy to subtle; from solitaires to clusters, there is actually no end to innovation here. Diamond jewellery for women are segregated into festive or wedding wear, office or corporate wear and daily wear or everyday classics.

Gorgeous green stones have a timeless appeal and that makes emerald jewellery designs the hottest wedding and engagement trend this season. Those who think green is not ideal for making fashion statements haven’t seen these emerald fashion jewellery collection yet! Emerald jewellery has risen in profile as a fashion statement nowadays. Take a look at this emerald jewellery and you will want them in your collection right away.

Natural garnets are comparable in colour and form to pomegranate seeds. It is perhaps for this reason that they named so. The word garnet is derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’ which translates to seed like. Garnets have been used to craft jewellery from the very early Egyptian and Roman times. Apart from the clergy and nobility, they were also worn by travellers as they were considered to have protective abilities. 

Jade has been used in Chinese sculptures and jewellery since the Neolithic period, and the mineral has long been valued for its hardness, durability and beauty. Whereas in the West, we are most familiar with the bright green jadeite variety, the jade nephrite used in ancient China, comes in a variety of hues from lavender and white to red and yellow. Emerald green symbolises fortune and fame, as well as luck and peace, and is the colour that we most closely associate with this precious stone. However, jade comes in a varied palette, notably purple, yellow, white, black and even orange.

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