Diy thread chain necklace

There is never a shortage of unique jewelry making projects and ideas. Looking for some out of the ordinary DIY jewelry ideas so you can make a cool and creative fashion statement? Check out these awesome step by step instructions for homemade jewelry on a budget. Many of the items can easily be found at the dollar store or you may even have them at home right now. Here today we are going to make a DIY thread chain necklace. let's go!!

DIY thread chain necklace 

 These thread chain necklaces are one of the most trending fashion jewellery designs. These necklaces are pretty easily made. Let's get into the process of making these necklaces!!

Required materials : 

  • A steel necklace chain 
  • Embroidery threads (multicolor) - (40strand*40inches)
  • Colorful pearl beads
  • Fabric glue
  • necklace hooks

Steps to make a DIY thread chain necklace :

  • Step1: Take 40mstarnd of multicolor embroidery threads. Make nod at the end of the threads and cut the uneven parts. 
  • Step2: Make two portions of these threads.
  • Step3: Glue the endpoints of both the parts.
  • Step4: Now start to insert one part of the thread into the chain, and then continue with the other while making a braid style.
  • Step5: Continue the processes until the end. Make a final nod where the braid ends. Glue the threads and cut the extra threads to make a neat finish.        
  • Step6: Inserts the colorful pearl beads at the end of the necklace with the help of a needle.
  • Step7: Attach a hook and chain at each of the ends. The necklace is now ready to wear. Here is the DIY thread chain necklace 

Here are some of the DIY thread chain necklace designs. check out!!

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