Different necklace on saree and western tops

How to wear necklace on saree and tops
There are so many beautiful necklaces out there, but how do you choose which one to wear? Here are a few tips on what necklace to wear on different sarees and western tops. Check out!!

Jewellery is the most important accessory that you can wear to accentuate your beauty. Especially when you are wearing a saree, you must pick your jewelry carefully. A necklace is a must when you are wearing traditional sarees. Here are some tips on best ways to wear necklace on different sarees.

1. Antique Silver Necklace : 
Antique silver necklaces that are large in size and ethnic in look go very well with simple sarees.

2. Gold Necklace :
A traditional gold necklace goes well with the traditional silk sarees.

3. Funky Necklace :
Funky sarees or simple sarees with funky blouses can be mixed and matched with funky jewelry. Funky jewlry are modern and have a quirky design.

4. Diamond Necklace :
You can never go wrong with a diamond necklace. A simple diamond necklace looks absolutely stunning when worn on a beautiful lace or sheer saree.

5. Pearl Necklace :
Pearl necklaces are elegant and regal. You can pair a pearl necklace with a chiffon saree. It will look absolutely stunning.
Our ever-growing necklace collection has inspired us to help you choose the right necklace for any neckline. Here are a few tips on what necklace to wear on different tops. Check out!!

1. Collared shirt:
A button-up shirt is a fundamental piece of clothing for any workweek. Adding the right necklace will give it that feminine appeal. Bib, collared necklaces, chocker, and short layered necklaces look polished with fully buttoned shirts. These necklaces can be looped around the collar so it will peek out the front.
2. V-Neck shirts :
This neckline tends to show a bit of skin, which means you have room to get creative!
A chunky, multi-stone statement necklace, layered pearl necklace or a delicate pendant looks striking when it hugs the neck. Don’t be afraid to go bold with size and color.
3. Crew tops :
This neckline is very similar to the collared shirt mentioned earlier.Broad, bold chokers, Multicolor statement necklace, long pendant chains are very popular for this shirt. They are worn close to the neck and are very versatile. Make your outfit even more chic by incorporating large beads and metal pieces.
4. Strapless :
A choker necklace is a beautiful complement to a strapless shirt or dress. Go with a diamond choker for extra sparkle!

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