Bluestone - The Runnway collection earings

Pallavi Foley is among India’s most noted jewelers. A signature Pallavi Foley piece is luxurious and understated in an unexpected way. Bringing in drama by breaking the norms of conventional jewels.

And taking the craft of jewelry making to the new levels of sculptural and artistic three-dimensional forms. Here are few Runway collections of Bluestone in collaboration with Pallavi Foley. Explore wearable designer jewelry haute off the runway! 

                                                                 The Rumi Drop Earrings 

The Zenon Drop Earrings

The Maulaya Drop Earrings

The Lau Drop Earrings

The Mayushka Front Back Earrings

The Gwyneth Earrings

The Ervaa Drop Earrings 

The Ace Feather Earrings 

Match up these golden earrings with your ethnic as well modern outfits and make a unique style statement. 

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