Uzbekistan earring designs

Over centuries Uzbek craftsmen have passed from generation to generation the art of creating wonderful jewelry made of precious metals and gems. Jewelry is one of the ancient crafts in the world which always excited and amazed. The earliest jewelry found on the territory of Uzbekistan dates back to the 17th century BC. Here are few earring designs for Uzbekistan jewelry. Check out!

                                                       Uzbekistan gilded turquoise coral earrings

Uzbekistan silver gilt earrings

Uzbekistan gold turquoise earrings

Uzbekistan 20th century earrings 

Uzbekistan coral enamel earrings

Uzbekistan silver glass earrings

Uzbekistan Bukharin earrings

Uzbekistan temple pendants earrings

Instantly add a splash of chic to your ensemble with these classy earrings. This multicolored pairs can be teamed with slim jeans and a formal top.

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