Ruby stones necklace design collections

Ruby has been a favorite in jewellery since ancient times. As the birthstone for July, ruby jewellery makes a stunning birthday present option; as the gemstone for a 40th wedding anniversary, ruby is a popular anniversary gift. And with its long association with romance, jewellery set with ruby is a delightful gift for a loved one. Explore this necklace collection of ruby jewellery and you’ll be enchanted by the gemstone that’s been enchanting for over thousands of years.

                                                        Elegant choker ruby necklace

Floral design ruby necklace set

                                                           Golden pearl ruby necklace

                                                        Leaf design simple ruby necklace

                                                 Multi strands big ruby stones necklace

                                              Multi strand double locket ruby necklace

                                                   Ruby haram juhumkas necklace set

                                               Small flowers green stone ruby necklace

These elegant ruby necklace sets go best suited with designer sarees. During night parties these stones shine like pink lights and make look shine more beautifully.

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