Egyptian collar necklace designs

The ancient Egyptians adored jewellery and loved to wear a variety of necklaces and collars made from a huge range of materials. Of course, only the wealthy could afford gold, silver or precious stones, but shells, wood, and bone were more readily available to those on a more restricted budget. Here are some of such beaded Egyptian style collar necklace designs. Check out these unique pieces of jewellery!

                                                   Bead embroidered Egyptian scarab necklace

                                                            Bead embroidery bib necklace

                                                                Beaded Egyptian necklace

                                                        Bib style gemstone Egyptian necklace

                                                            Egyptian bead scarab necklace

                                                            Egyptian themed collar necklace

                                                                Egyptian vulture necklace

                                                       Magnificent Egyptian scarab necklace

                                                             Scarab bib Egyptian necklace

Be a trendsetter by flaunting this gorgeous necklace. Team it with a solid dress and heels for a day out!

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