Moissanite necklace designs

Moissanite, also known by its chemical name, silicon carbide, is a naturally occurring mineral found in very limited quantities or as minute particles in the earth. Many people tend to mistake Moissanite for diamonds. It is a beautiful gemstone, completely colorless and possessing a different sparkle. Diamond and moissanite have all similar properties but there is only one difference that is diamond is natural but moissanite is created in lab. The other thing that makes it stand out from other stones is the way it transforms the jewelry in which it is used. Moissanites are more affordable than natural diamonds and have an excellent clarity rating. The best thing about moissanite is that they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also more durable than natural diamonds because they are not as brittle as the latter. Here are a few designs for moissanites necklaces. Check out!!

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