Bridal lehenga designs

For most North Indian weddings, Bridal Lehenga designs form the most important part of any bride’s wedding planning. Of course, the wedding outfits would not be totally complete without the family and friends of the bride donning equally glamorous and eye catching outfits. Bridal Lehenga Choli is integral to Indian weddings. The ornate skirt-like outfit worn by most Indian brides for their wedding ceremony is known as the Bridal Lehenga. Paired with a traditional blouse, the Indian version of an embroidered or dressy fitted crop-top or waist length choli and a dupatta or long stole – the ensemble is also known as Bridal lehenga choli. Everything related to a bridal ensemble has to be special, including the much sought after bridal lehenga. Given the fact that a bridal lehanga attracts a lot of attention, it should be a thing of beauty, uncontested. Here are a few designs for bridal lehenga. Check out!! 

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