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Traditional Indian jewelry is divided into three distinctive heads – temple jewelry, spiritual jewelry and bridal jewelry. Temple jewelry, much like the name suggests, was earlier used to adorn the idols of Indian deities, gods, and goddesses. Indian temples still retain the practice of adoring the idols with chunky, gold jewelry. The ornaments that comprise of these intricately crafted, big pieces of jewelry are bangles, earrings, necklace, waist belt, nose rings, and anklets.

Temple Jewellery can better be known as Temple-themed Jewellery. It usually consists of God and Goddesses sculptures, lotus, the carved temple pillars and so on. Indian auspicious occasions can be highlighted by the elegantly crafted Temple Jewellery Collection.

Temple jewellery is said to have originated in the Chola and Pandya dynasties. In the early years, this kind of jewellery was made out of precious metal donations made to temples in south India, and was meant to be reserved for adorning deities and royals. Temple dancers and devotees started to use replicas of such jewellery in their daily practices, with jewellers drawing inspiration from temple architecture, history and the beauty of deities. Over the course of time, temple jewellery started becoming a piece that evoked religious sentiment and thus, became an essential heirloom in every south Indian bride’s jewellery collection.

Temple jewellery designs are influenced by historical architecture, temple, god and goddess paintings and statues. Traditional jewelry from the South Idian temple is crafted from gold and adorned with many precious gems and stones. Indian wome wear jewelry designs particularly in the South on auspicious occasions including weddings,festivals etc.Temple Jewellery depicts traditions of India leaving you in awe with its vibrant history. It stands as a symbol of love for deities worshipped in our country. Imitation of temple jewellery is also found in movies.

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