Rajasthani banjara necklace

With its glorious history of Rajputs, endowed with magnificent forts and palaces, invincible architecture and a lot more, Rajasthan is known as the land of royalty and kingdoms. In earlier times in Rajasthan, due to hostile desert environments and continuous warfare, the people started to invest in gold and precious jewellery to secure their future. Rajasthan is well known for its tribal jewellery. The tribal groups of Rajasthan adorn colourful and weighty ornaments, decorated with coins, shells, beads and metallic mesh which make them distinguishable at the very first glance. Also, the Banjara tribes of Rajasthan wear embellished necklaces around their neck lines to complement their tribal banjara look. Here are a few designs for rajasthani banjara necklace designs.Check out!!

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