Jewellery tips for sarees

Women have an endless love affair with their sarees. And when there is a saree, can jewellery be far behind?Choosing the right set of accessories for sarees can shape the perception about the wearer! The way you drape your saree and the accessories you choose can make you either a paragon of virtue or a whore!
The rich variety of traditional sarees styles commands an equally stunning variety in matching fashion jewellery for saree. Whether you choose to wear a luscious Kanjeevaram saree, or a Banarasi Zardozi, a finely etched Kantha saree or a light-as-air muslin, every woman wants saree accessories to complement her carefully crafted look. Because a saree is an emotional affair for every woman who drapes it. And so is the jewellery she chooses to make her signature look.
Here are a few tips for choosing the right kind of jewellery for different sarees.

When you put in the effort to wear the right kind of saree and accessories for the right occasion, you will manage to pull off. But if you disregard the context or the occasion, you will draw unnecessary attention when you are better off blending in and vice versa!

                      Jewellery for wedding
                   Jewellery for formal saree

                     Jewellery for casual saree

              Jewellery for party wear saree

Saree type
Wearing the right type of jewellery based on the saree is also very important. One should understand what kind of jewellery goes perfect with the saree material
Example, fancy saree with fancy jewellery, cottons with silver oxidized, pattu heavy jewellery, silk semi precious or simple, or statement, designer saree simple or too heavy one piece,For Golden and Beige border saree wear Gold or Gold plated jewelry.

                   Jewellery for fancy saree

                    Jewellery for cotton saree

                       Jewellery for silk saree

                  Jewellery for designer saree

Choosing the right colours can make or break your style. An expensive set of bangles may ruin your style quotient if it is not of the right colour that works with your saree and other accessories. It is important we steal some ideas from nature!

Skin tones
For warm undertone people golden color jewelry will look good and for cool undertone people silver, diamond and white stone jewelry will look good.

Do not overdo
A saree is never complete without some jewellery. But it is important to make sure it is not overdone. Too much of mismatched, loud or colourful jewellery can ruin the look of the saree and make you look gaudy. The trick is to keep it simple and minimal so that the beauty of the saree is enhanced with one statement piece of jewellery. It also helps you to look younger!

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